Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Weekend

Our weekends in Saipan are usually filled with activities and events. On Saturday morning, we went on a group mountain bike ride following the trail from last weekend (sans the boonie bees) which started near the Governor's house in Gualo Rai down a overgrown trail which ends up near McDonald's on Middle Road. I had a good crash when my bike decided to hug a tree root shaped as a spear. Afterwards, the group went to ride Romy's trail. I was surprised how long and technical it was and it's a great training area if you want to master riding over tree roots and narrow spaces. Mieko and I witnessed Bruce's crash there and Russ fell twice along the route. On our way back to Hyatt, we rode on the beach path and the handlebars on my bike hit the concrete post, halting me immediately down to the ground. Luckily, nothing was broken but my left arm swelled like a balloon thanks to the hematoma! Bruce and Yosh named me "Kaipo" for my sheer clumsiness. I still need a few days to recover but I'll get back on that bike again this weekend.
On Saturday evening, we attended the Saipan Chamber of Commerce's Installation Dinner at the Fiesta Resort. They did a great job with the 5 course dinner. I was one of the nominees for the Businessperson of the Year award and that was pretty nice in itself. Thank you, Jay Santos, for the kind nomination! And, a big congratulations to Kathryn Barry who won the award! She's involved in many activities and she truly cares about educational opportunities for the islands' children.
At the dinner...

On Sunday, the Goodwin's invited friends to join them for a Christmas tree burning/ sunset wine & cheese evening at Wing Beach. There were 5 trees which burned quickly!
Here we are...just watching the fire.

The sunset on Sunday night was gorgeous as it settled right behind Managaha Island!
And, it was a full moon! You can see the Moon rise!


Stephan Samoyloff said...

awesome weekend, makes me island-sick, especially after we just got over a -17 C cold snap out this way!

But I do not get how Bruce gets away with calling anyone Kaipo!

Eunjung said...

The second picture from the top. is how I feel most of the time . I remember it being all my life.

good day! russ