Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

After another fantastic trip to Japan, we returned home to Saipan and welcomed 2009 in style, literally, in a Hummer Stretch Limo with 8 of our fun-loving friends: the Mister's, the Gabaldon's, the Robert's, Bruce and Chris. The theme was "Party Like a Rock Star!" and we did! It was a memorable way to see the sites of Saipan and just enjoy each other's company.

The group met at the Palms Resort to start the journey. I was still at work.... "ONE LOVE" and Teddy, our chauffeur, helped get us safely from one venue to another. When asked if Teddy had ever driven a group such as ours, he simply said, "never". We took that as a compliment as we took full advantage of the vehicle for the night! Our first stop - cocktails and appetizers at PIC's beachfront.
Next was the 360 Restaurant. We met some other friends who were starting their celebration. We decided to stay at the bar and watch the diners revolve around us. After every photo, we had to move two steps right as we moved while the photographer stayed in place.
The third stop was our house. I was the only one NOT in a black dress, so I changed. Angie.... you forgot to tell me that little part about attire:) Shelby got inside ONE LOVE and is probably the only canine on Saipan to ever be in one. She didn'tmind the blaring music at all.
December 31st is also Linda's birthday! Nikki made delicious brownies and we sang "Happy Birthday" at our next stop, Dr. Jack's in I'Denni. It was the first time we ate there and aside from one other table, we had the place to ourselves. They had a nice selection of local cuisine! Strong work, Mister's! Dr. Jack's provided complimentary champagne as well. We recommend the spinach chicken, chicken kelaguen & titiyas and fresh sashimi!
ONE LOVE was rocking with music and we joined in with our noisemakers.
Our fifth stop was the Hyatt's bar where they were starting to set up for their countdown.
Somehow, we managed to finish the 1800. The 6th stop was Godfather's where we danced, played coaster games and Russ took "one for the team". The 7th stop was Banzai Cliff. It was pitch dark out there but the stars were shining brightly!
The group toasting.... we still had 30 minutes before midnight!At 11:40, we arrived back at the Palms Resort... ring in the New Year! Thanks to Chris and the Mister's for organizing the fun!
The spectacular fireworks show lasted 25 minutes and it was literally just above our heads. I don't think they would allow you in the states to be that close, but hey, it's Saipan!
The fun continued in room #808 where Linda was offering free cha-cha lessons!

View of Managaha Island from our Room, #636 on New Year's morning.
In the afternoon, it was back to the Hyatt for some beach volleyball for the people and swimming / frisbee catching/ tourist photo-taking for Shelby.
The first sunset of 2009... a cruise ship just left Smiling Cove.

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Sean said...

What a great New Years celebration!