Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dinner with Becky & Eva

The last time I saw Eva, she was sitting comfortably in her baby car seat, sleeping. She's now a 21-month chatterbox, eager to express her opinions about everything. Eva likes to explore and keeps herself busy by looking and touching new things. For example, Shelby.
In this photo, they're both looking to the right, which seems choreographed. I'm convinced that dogs and kids have more in common than we really know.

Becky had her hands full, watching Eva every minute in our "non-childproofed home". Eva wanted to go downstairs, so we brought up the doggie gate to limit her to just the upstairs. She wanted to go outside, watch Nemo and run around. It's great to see Becky as a Mom. She's great at it and has the energy. Eva especially loves strawberries. She ate about five huge ones and wanted more. She's quite animated and enjoys meeting new people. Wait until Russ starts hanging her upside down on one leg. That may have to wait until next time.

Blaine, we wish you could've joined them. We miss you guys so visit more often, OK?


Blaine said...

Not only do I miss my family now, but my good friends as well. Thank you for the pictures, the sweet words about my wife and daughter, and the hospitality you showed them.

Eunjung said...

I miss my friends-

Russ Quinn of CNMI (alumni of California State University-Chico), I really miss u.

E J L e e (born in Seoul, Korea on October 31, 1981 in a hospital bed by my mother Sook Hee Kim.

my dad was there.

c u soon.
E J L e e (Korean Party Girl ( ;)

Eunjung said...

I like that u have music notes in ur blog as a background. as I am listening to 운명 by Korean artist name Lee, Phil Ho & Park, Jong Me.

it's going to be a nice year for both of us. :D

can't wait for the Marianas Cup 2009 (March 6th, 2009- 9 a.m. registration) The games start at 9:30 a.m.? Fill me in.

or better yet--------> 010-7577-1981.
remember to use ur phone card if u don't have internet phone (Skype)



EJ said...

show me u care~