Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Fantastic Birthday Bash Weekend

Last Friday, I was surprised by the PIC management team with song and a huge birthday cake.

I turned 40 on Saturday, February 7th and it was one of the busiest birthdays ever. In the past, we've gone on a trip for our b-days like Sapporo, Bali and Brisbane, but we decided to stay and enjoy the moment.
The morning started with a 2 hour mountain bike ride with Russ & Rex. We were able to enjoy the sites, talk and just relax. Luckily, no one crashed despite some mechanical issues.

After the ride, I arrived at work to find all these beautiful floral arrangements and gifts on my desk! Thank you to Elly, Ioulia, Ted, Yulia, Kevin & Mieko, Sally, Heejung and Masako & Sergei!
At 4pm, the Marriage Encounter Community gathered at the American Memorial Park Amphitheatre to celebrate World Marriage Day! Here we are with our Steps Family: Roger & Teresita, Jack & Jake, Sonia (& Jeff).
About 100 people gathered for the big Celebration. Thank you to all the volunteers!
The Misters joined both parties.... World Marriage Day and the Birthday Dinner.

Jess was in charge of music and with the lyrics printed in the back of the program, we all sang aloud.
Rex & Clarie shared their testimony. They only had 5 minutes and did a great job!
Russ was elected as MC to introduce the program and welcome all the visitors.

After World Marriage Day, we celebrated at our favorite restaurant, Casa Urashima with our closest friends. Thanks for a fun evening!

Russ, Rex and Tim
Bruce, Angie & Tyce

40 years old! I didn't think that it would come so quickly! Thank you to Mama & Papa for the colorful silk shirt and cardigan.

On Feb 7th, Russ is only 3 years older than me.

But, on February 8th, he's 4 years older than me!
On Sunday, we woke up early to race in the first Enticer Sprint Triathlon of the season. We swam 400 meters, biked 4 or 5 miles and ran 1 mile.
Russ finished in 41 minutes and I finished in 44 minutes.

We then went to Micro Beach for Russ' beach volleyball party! Angie made great margaritas! Where else but in Saipan can you bring your cooler full of drinks & bottles and dogs!

About 50 people came to the party.

Heather, Karen, Rebekah, Stephanie and me.
Barbara and Sean brought Elijah, who's now 5 months.
It was Becky's birthday, too! She and Russ share the same date. Eva was a bit tired after hitting the party circuit all day.
Russ had his wish and played tons of volleyball!
Shelby fetched her frisbee in the ocean and swam for 4 hours!
Hi Jake, Jackie, Nikki & Brittany! What were you staring at?

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Sean said...

Glad we could join the celebration at least for a little bit at the end.