Monday, February 16, 2009

M.E.'s Sweetheart's Ball

Our M.E. family is particularly special to us so it was so appropriate to have the Sweetheart's Ball on Valentine's Day. Kudos to the organizers, Jenni & Mark Aguon, along with Linda & Jun Pangelinan, Linda & Tony Yarbwemal and JJ & Juanette Atalig for planning a fantastic, fun and crazy party!

The Kosack's are our Steps Parents to both Russ & me and Jeff & Sonia.
And now, we are Steps parents to Sonia & Jeff so we're actually all related!

The Mister's & Quinn's enjoying the party.

The guys fought to catch the garter to win a prize. Tyce, the tallest guy in the room, won!
Linda is my Steps Child. She's such a warm and loving person. She and Jun are the Spring Weekend Coordinators! They're our family, too!


Jake and Jackie said...

WOW - looks like it was tons of fun! Wish we could have showed up! How late were you there til?

Hee Jae said...

Wow~ It looks like the party started after we left. Bummer..we should have stayed..

KPG said...

need u to respond