Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Marianas Cup ~ A Huge Success!

After months of preparations and organizing, the 17th Annual Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival was a huge success! I was happy to have Russ and Jon right there to assist and answer all my questions. I've realized that an international sporting tournament takes a lot of effort, time and money! Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors, especially PIC Saipan who supported the Marianas Cup wholeheartedly and to all the participants, pros, volunteers and hundreds of spectators!
Russ, me & Chris (Marianas Trekking/KSPN2) was a Platinum Sponsor.
Jenn and Me. She called me the "time Nazi"

Russ with Yasuo (left) and Shimpei (right)
Phil was gracious enough to display his 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medal. It is quite heavy!
How cool is it to be able to wear one?
Congratulations to Paul Baxter & Hugo Dooner on their 1st place win! They won a return trip with air ticket and accommodation & meals at PIC, tournament entry and $4000!
Phil said that he enjoys returning each year to Saipan and next year will be his 5th!
Thanks to Laurie, Russ & Jon for the special honor and 2-hr I sagua massage treatment!
I'll use it this weekend!
Congratulations to Yoko Miki (left & MVP) and Chie Iwana for their 2nd back-to-back win! They get a return trip back including air ticket, accommodation & meals at PIC, tournament entry and another great weekend! Oh - and they also won $3800!
Following the final, the two teams and Jon thank Miller, one of the Platinum sponsors.
Prior to the final match, Paul, Phil and Russ measure the net's height which has to be
7 feet 11 3/4. Phil can reach the top of the net easily.
Russ and Shimpei lost to Shoji and Shinya, a great team!
PIC's picturesque sunset
Yoko & Chie with Federica after the final match, which was a repeat of last year's finals.
Russ & Shimpei discussing strategy
Russ' serve
On Sunday morning, the SWAT group met for a breakfast. The Brostrom's lifted the bar on the T-shirts this year with the Kutchan potato-ski mascot and "Engrish" text.
Russ & Shimpei on Saturday
Phil and Russ hang out in the organizer's tent
The 2009 Marianas Cup participants!
The pros from US, Japan and Korea ~ thank you for the exciting exhibition matches!
After the exhibition matches, Russ & Bruce were lucky to win Pro Partners in the raffle,
Shimpei Aoki & Yasho Nakaya.
Mihwa Shin, Jenn Snyder, Jenelle Koester, Jiyoun Jung
Jenn Snyder for the serve
Shinako Tanaka's jump serve
Ji Youn and Shinako choose sides or serve prior to the 1st exhibition match.

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