Sunday, March 22, 2009

M.E. Steps Reunion

On Saturday evening, the Kosack's kindly hosted a wonderful M.E. Steps Reunion for all the current Facilitators, Co-Facilitators and Graduates of "Steps Along the Journey", the 10 week session based on core principals of communication which all the couples learned briefy on the Weekend. It was a fantastic night with a great dinner, fun & laughter with the Newlywed Game and time with our lovely M.E. Family. Thank you, Rex & Clarie, for opening up your home once again!

The group photo
Mark & Brittany and Jake & Jackie were finalists in the Newlywed Game. It was a tight game and Mark & Brittany won the tie-breaker question with Brittany correctly answering the number of years her in-laws have been married.

Team "Fireproof" had matching shirts and brought their firemen's hats. As a group, they watched the movie, "Fireproof" and decided to celebrate the concept.
Jeff & Sonia were our co-facilitators for this Step this time. What a great couple!
Love you guys!
Jake & Jackie playing the game.

Nicky, Jackie, Russ, Lynn and Hilma. Russ took either the Men or Women in the Living Room while their spouses answered questions during the game.

Rex was the moderator, asking some tough questions.

Anicia and Jess were our facilitators during our Weekend in April 2002. Because of their love and dedication to M. E., the community is ever grateful.
Arriving at the Kosack's.

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