Friday, March 6, 2009

Partying with the Pros

It's not everyday that we get a chance to hang out with an Olympic Gold Medalist and other pro beach volleyball players.
This week, PIC is the main sponsor for the 17th Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival and we've brought in 12 professionals from the US, Japan and Korea. The highlight is the return of Phil Dalhausser, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist. This is his 4th return to the Marianas Cup.
The other US professionals include Paul Baxter (6th return), Jenn Snyder (2nd return) & Jenelle Koester (2nd return).
From Japan, Shimpei Aoki, Yasuo Nakaya, Hiromi Suzuki and Shinako Tanaka. All except Ms. Tanaka are participating in the Marianas Cup for the first time.
From Korea, Ms. JiYoun Jung is a return player and she brings with her Ms. Mi Hwa Shin, Mr. Su Min Jin and Mr. Kyuung Soo Shin.

Jon and me with Ai san from Beach Volleyball Magazine Japan.

Shinako san and Hiromi san like spicy thai food.

Shige san, Shimpei san and Yasuo san prefer thai food a bit milder.

Tomo is on his umpteenth return to Saipan and the Marianas Cup!
The Korean pros....

The kids clinic on Thursday was a hit with approx. 60 kids!

Phil and Mini Me

Daniela and Federica from Italia!

Russ, Jeff Carlucci and Phil hanging out at the the Mister's BBQ

Tyce invited some students from his high school to play for us. They were fantastic!
Billy O, Tyce, Phil & Bruce.

Shimpei san and Hiromi san relaximg

Russ, Jenn & Bruce.
Thank you, Tyce & Angie for hosting the BBQ! It was great!

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