Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday with S.W.A.T.

The Saipan Winter Athletic Team (SWAT) reunited for a fun and eventful Sunday. We met at the Johnson's, took our group photo and started with a hike from Coral Island on Tapochau Road down toward the Turkey Farm and onto the XTERRA run trail.
Our group: Brostrom's, Johnson's, Camacho's, Graf's and Quinn's
It rained in the beginning and we saw this beautiful rainbow at the start of our trail.

GQ and Hawkeye led the group...
Green Pants said that there was no parking near the trailhead so we walked down from Coral Island, which I thought was a good warm up.
Wasabi, Green Pants and Sven.
Martha and Bomber following behind.
A nice papaya tree.
Sven looking up to the caves.
Green Pants entering one of the cave tunnels.
Bomber and the kids grin as they watch Martha slide down the cave.
GQ and Hawkeye with the assist.
Wasabi leading the pack through the ravine. Boy, was it slippery through there!
We located the Pellegrino Shrimp farm.
The best fresh shrimp recipe can be found at Poon's Chinese Restaurant in Garapan. They fry it up with garlic and you can eat the whole shrimp - head, tails, everything!

an interesting tree...
A water catchment near the Johnson's back yard. We hiked about 3 miles and it took nearly two hours. We then gathered for a tasty brunch followed by some games.
Hawkeye goes for the shot.

Lucas goes for two points with a block by Hawkeye.
The enthusiastic crowd!
GQ watches Scooby on the skateboard ramp.
Scooby is actually a bit more daring on his snowboard.

After many games of 3 on 3 bball, Green Pants, Hawkeye and GQ rest their weary bones in the treetop hot tub. Bomber was kind enough to supply them refreshments during their 4 hour soak.
Scooby named the guys, "The three stooges... Larry, Moe & Curly"

The last event was the chipping game. The object was to get as close as possible to the deemed target. This was followed by the putting game in the carport where Scooby lined up portable chairs behind his skateboard ramps for the putting game.
GQ won the pitching game while I, Dancing Queen, won the putting game!
Thank you, Johnson's, for hosting such another adventurous day!

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