Saturday, April 25, 2009

20th Annual TagamanTriathlon

Today was the 20th Annual Tagaman Triathlon with a 6am start at PIC. Russ and I teamed up this year with Russ swimming and biking and me running.

Tagaman is an interesting distance, in between an Olympic distance and a half ironman with a 2km swim, 60km bike and 15km run.

The Men's winner was Matsumaru-san from Japan. He placed 2nd in last year's race but powered through and dominated this year! In the Women's division, Renata Bucher captured 1st place, riding my simple Giant OCR one road bike. So, it's really not about the bike!

Russ' bike in the swim/bike transition. We're team 206!
Pre-race photo with Owen. He teamed up with Grace Kimball and Tim Lang.
Julia joking around with her arm floaties.
The Tagaman looks more complicated than it is.
Kieran, Mieko, Russ and Kevin smile at the Swim Start.
PIC has hosted the Tagaman Triathlon for the last 8 or so years.
Mieko has an excellent swim, even with her two broken ribs. She's a true TAGAWOMAN!
Russ looking back at Nate after his first lap.
Russ finishes the swim in 36 minutes!
After the 60km bike ride, the racers bike into T2, the transition from Bike to Run at Micro Beach. It's another beautiful day - 88 degrees with 80% humidity.
Green Pants is on Team Manatee. We're friendly competitors.Russ finished the bike in 2 hours 2 minutes and tagged me to start my run down Beach Rd.
Good job, Owen on your run!
MC Jon Cramer on the mic. No, I'm not mad anymore, but you OWE ME ONE!
I reach the finish in 1 hour 28 minutes. My goal was 1.5 hrs so I just made it!
Total team time was 4 hours 7 minutes. Kevin passed me on the return and I couldn't catch him.
Mom & Allan joking around.
Julia finishes her 2nd triathlon ever! Great job and STRONG WORK!

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