Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Hike to Mt. Tapochau

For the last five years, we've taken the 4 mile hike to Tapochau and back on Good Friday to honor Jesus and what He did to change our lives today.
Friday was a gorgeous morning, with a bit of rain and clouds to keep it relatively cool. We encountered many friends and co-workers climbing up or descending down the hill, all acknowledging our common thread of faith and love for our Creator. Our little group consisted of the Gabaldon's, Van Dam's and us. We missed you, Rex & Clarie!

The double rainbow greeted us in the morning and it was so spectacular
as the second rainbow ascended above.
Tapochau Road has a great view of Managaha Island.
Rainbows always remind me of God.
There was one gentleman, flanked by his friends, carrying his own cross down the hill.
Near the top of the summit, the sun was shining brightly on the eastern coast of the island.

At the top of Tapochau, another rainbow emerged and appeared to be hitting land, near the Aquarius Beach Tower.
Some people prayed near the statue of Jesus.

We ran into Pastor Greg, the Gabbie's, the Sawyer's and the FEBC helper visiting for a couple of months. It was actually a bit chilly up there. It may have gone down to 70 degrees!
From the top of Tapochau, you get a clear 360 degree view of the island.
Here is the southern portion.

You can see our house, the 2 story blue one nestled in the jungle, with the view of Lau Lau Bay.

At the top, there are several of these types of displays which explain the historical aspects of the island, mainly the US forces against Japan in WWII.

Jake wore one of those shoes with holes in the bottom and had challenges walking.

The Catholic Church carries a huge cross up Tapochau each year.

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