Monday, April 13, 2009

The Qunn's are here!

Russ' parents, Rich & Carolyn, arrived safely early Saturday morning. They were excited to return to their favorite island to relax and enjoy all that Saipan has to offer.

On Saturday evening, we had a private BBQ on Lau Lau beach.
Shelby had fun chasing her frisbee and rocks and swimming around.
We later had a bonfire but my camera ran out of batteries...

On Sunday Easter morning, we woke up early to attend the 6:00am Sunrise service on Mt. Tapochau with other congregations.

Saipan Community's Brilliant Worship Team

We drove up to Tapochau again.

Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day!

Although we lived in As Teo for 4 yrs., we never made it to the Santa Lourdes Shrine until Sunday. This is the candle prayer house.

There's the image of Santa Lourdes against the Grotto.

The history of Santa Lourdes

We then had a magnificent brunch at the Hyatt with many friends. Afterwards, we ventured to the Camacho's for more food and entertainment.
Russ was asked to lead the prayer to bless the food. Martha had spread: turkey, ham, pig, beef and all the trimmings.

Russ played pool

.... and basketball. The men dominated against the teens. The women played against the girls' but they were too good.

Thank you, Efrain and Martha for a lovely Easter!

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