Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boonies, TOM, Beach, Babies & BBQ

This was the last weekend in Saipan for Mom & Dad so we managed to do a lot of things in two days. After lunch at PIC on Saturday, we went to Naftan Point to show them the cool war relics and trails. Mom was amused with the word "boonie" which we used torefer to the jungle, the dogs, bees, etc. Before we reached our first site, we had a flat tire so Russ & Dad fixed it quickly.

We discovered this water catchment area for the first time. It was obviously shelled during the war and stood mostly intact. Shelby was feeling so much better after her week of being in pain and going to the clinic. She enjoyed the boonie stomping and scenery.
This gun stands at the end of Naftan Point.
The Quinn's

The Point was beautiful on Saturday with calm waters.
Russ with Mom & Dad at one of the lookouts.
Shelby on trail, having the time of her life! She was acting so "genki" that you would have thought that she faked the whole illness thing just days before.
Afterwards, we stopped at Obyan Beach to show the pillbox
Here we are again
After Naftan, we went over to the Mister's and met their new pet, Rocket! He had a sticky butt since he accidentally sat in one of those sticky rat traps. Pretty cute!
On Saturday night, it seemed like the whole island went to the opening night of Taste of Marianas. It was such an enjoyable event with food vendors, live entertainment and lots of friend sightings. There must have been a couple thousand people there!
One booth featured the Carolinian bead necklaces.
We met up with the Goodwin's and Frink's for dinner. Mom & Dad were astonished when Tim allowed his son, Steven (age 7) take 3 other kids (ages 4 to 6) to watch the dancers and play in the bouncing house by themselves. It would be unheard of in the states to watch parents let their kids go around for two hours in a public place by themselves. It's always nice to be reminded that Saipan has many positive features!
Sunday... after Mom & Dad went to Father Ryan's service at the Cathedral, they came to Saipan Community Church to join our services. A couple hours later, we headed down to Sugar Dock Beach to join our friends for a BBQ. Thanks to Bill & Angela for setting it all up for us.
Tyler, Mai and Hee Jung enjoying the food.
Aside from a creepy drunk guy walking into our area and asking for beer & cigarettes, Sugar Dock Beach was beautiful. We had a bit of rain and then lots of sunshine and clear waters.
Here's my godson, Billy, who is now 11 weeks old at his first BBQ. His Dad made some amazing food and we ate lots of it!
Here's Dad with little Matthew Peter, who is a week younger than Billy. His Japanese stand up straight hair is so cute. He doesn't even need any gel.
Tyler loves to play in the sand. He's also a fond of dancing to "mmmm-bop!" by the Hanson Brothers, one of Russ' favorite groups.
Little Mai (almost 2 yrs) loved playing with Uncle Russ for an hour in the water.
Tommy and Evan just taking it easy.
Mom & Dad having yet another fabulous day at the beach in Saipan! They did talk about moving here for 6 months out of the year.

What a fun-filled Sunday. When we have visitors tell us how much they enjoy our island life, it reassures us about living so far away from our families and friends in the states. So..... Lisa & Mike, it's your turn to "JUST DO IT!" and make your plans to come out here in the next year.

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