Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Giro d' Italia in Milan

On Sunday, we were fortunate to watch the 100th annual Giro d' Italia in Milan. They held the 163 km circuit race which meant that the riders had to complete 11 laps around the city. It was an exciting event, with the racers and teams all signing in from noon until 1:30pm. While the Italian riders were popular, everyone wanted to see Lance Armstrong, who rode for Team Astana. He was the last rider to come upon the stage.
While we've watched lots of bike races on TV and DVD, it was nothing compared to the excitement of witnessing it live.
Don't know who this guy was, but he was popular with the Italians!
Team Rabobane
Over 100 racers riding together until the final few laps.
We watched at the 50 yd finish line.
It took roughly 4 hours for the 163 km or 100 miles.
After the finish, Team Astana rider back to their bus. Lance is ahead as #21.

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