Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Journey to Pisa & Florence

We departed our favorite village of Vernazza on Thursday morning to journey onwards to our next destination: Florence or Firenze. We made a quick 2.5 hr stop to Pisa for photos and lunch and marveled at the tower as it has been made infamous by an architectural blunder. Tourists flocked to the area called the Field of Miracles to view not only the leaning tower but also the Duomo and a few other museums.

Once again, we were awestruck by the architechture, its magnificents and splendor. It seems like almost every chiesa (church) and duomo (cathedral) and even the stores are built to capture attention.

Luckily, Russ was able to hold up the tower from leaning even more. The tower actually leans 15 feet and you can take tours to climb up the 300 stairs.
From the train station, we walked to Olga's B&B, located right in the Piazza della Signoria, once of the largest squares in town. It's next to the Chanel boutique and all the high end cafes where you can get a capuccino for 5 euro (US$7.50). What a deal. We passed by the Duomo and it's grand as well.
In the Piazza, we are located next to the infamous Uffizi museum but there is a copy of Michaelangelo's David right there. In fact, the Piazza has lots of statues.
This one sits atop a fountain.
And for dinner our first evening in Florence, we went to a little place where they served a very nice Insalata Caprese. We've been talking about how the food is rich here but the Italians are rather fit. They drink lots of wine, smoke a lot and eat salami, breads, cheese, pasta and pizzas. The secret is activity. We easily walk 5 miles each day to get from one place to another and many local Italians ride their bikes. It's great to see so many people out and about.

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