Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scenes from Verona

We stayed in Verona for one night and got to see most of the major sights. Verona is known for its fabled Shakespearean town of Romeo & Juliet and possesses all the charm of a small town.
An after dinner espresso....with a tira misu

The Duomo (cathedral)
We loved all the Smart cars in Italy. They're cute, efficient and should be available in Saipan!
We climbed up the top of the Tower.
Juliet's balcony, where Romeo serenaded her...
A multi-talented musician performing near the Piazza Erba
Inside the Arena, the stage was set with unique scenes. This one depicted a beheading...
The Arena - very cool looking.
At the Piazza Bra where we ate lunch.

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