Friday, May 1, 2009

Shelby's Week

This week, we spent some time visiting Paradise Island Animal Hospital as Shelby was ill. She had a huge play day at Obyan Beach on Sunday for the Tagaman BBQ where she swam and chased after her frisbee, snorkeled for rocks on the shoreline (yes, she puts her hold head in the water) and most likely ate something that was not good for her. When we brought her home, she tried jumping from the truck, but fell and landed on her right side. She was stiff and could barely move for the rest of the night and early Monday morning.

Dr. Tudor gave her a blood test and discovered that she was anemic and had low protein levels. She was given an anti-inflammatory for the pain and came home that night. Normally, Shelby likes to play around the house, but she had no energy and getting up was challenging.

We took her in on Wednesday and Thursday after some severe vomiting and learned that she had pharyngitis, which could have been caused from the fall and/or foreign food she ingested. Because of her advancing age (almost 11yrs), we were very sad to see her feeling so down. It certainly gave us a scare. Luckily, she's feeling much better today. Thank you, Dr. Tudor, Paulina and Ruriko san for taking good care of our girl.

Shelby is doggie prison (animal hospital) ... she wanted to get out of there quickly!
Sadie, the resident boonie dog. She's very friendly and photogenic.
Someone brought in a black starling to the clinic and he is so active. He likes to fly around and rest on anyone's finger or shoulder. We were amazed how domesticated he is.

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