Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Steps Family Reunion

We've been involved with Marriage Encounter since 2002 but over the last two years as facilitators for "Steps Along the Journey", we've had the great opportunity to meet so many lovely couples on island ~ now, our extended Saipan family members. Last year, this group (Aguon's, Camacho's, Pangelinan's, Trianni's) was our first through all those power outages. We finished all 10 Steps in 7 weeks, a record, as the Aguon's were preparing to move to the mainland. Luckily, they didn't! But, during those sessions, we grew close and shared several memorable evenings. And last night, we decided that we needed to get together for a little reunion. The only person missing was Mike, who is in New Zealand on business.

PIC was hosting a special "Friday Beefed up with the Champions" happy hour at the Seaside Grill, so we met there to enjoy the picturesque sunset and all-you-can-drink-and-eat food by the Taste of Marianas champions. Yumm! Happy Hour lasted five hours!

It was a fantasic evening and allowed us to re-connect and enjoy each other's company.

me, Linda and Lyn sharing some wine
Linda, Lyn and Jenni looking beautiful!

I asked Jenni to show us her tattoo. It's a sea turtle with a proa inside. Very cool! Fellow ME friend, Charles Cepeda offered our table some shots. The guys partook!
Our next group reunion is in a couple of weeks!

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