Friday, June 5, 2009

Xterra Italy

New Training Technique Does NOT Work!

Well, those of you that read this blog regularly probably know that Kanae is the major contributor. Me...not so much. However, every once in awhile, I get motivated and have a story to tell. This is one of those times.

As you've probably read, Italy was fantastic, in fact better than our high expectations could imagine. We finished our trip off in Sardinia, a small island due west of Rome. We had a choice between a 1 hour plane ride or a 10 hour ferry ride. I'll let you decide which option we took.

A few weeks ago when Saipan hosted both Xterra and Tagaman, we found out the Xterra Italy was happening at the same time we were going to be there. With a couple changes to our itinerary, we found ourselves with an extended stay and a fun reunion of all our Xterra buddies.

Russ decided to try a new training method. It was quite easy actually, just 3 and a half weeks of cheese, pasta, pizza, gelato, wine, and NO exercise. From a mere training stand point, it was the easiest race prep I've ever done. "Trained" and more importantly Tapered (well rested for those non-triathletes) for the big event, I embarked on a journey...a painful one at that. The course was a loop course. 2 loops for the swim, 2 loops for the bike and 2 loops for the run. Needless to say, the New Training Technique did not do well.

The calm before the storm. The waters were a chilly 68 degrees.

Ms. Renata celebrating her birthday the day before the race!

Here I am feeling pretty pretty good about my race changes (pre race).

Only 500 competitors to beat

Maybe Renata (eventual winner) knows something about this course that I don't?

And we're off!

Hey that wasn't too bad. Lookin good too. The water was 68 degrees...burrrrr!!

The bike course felt a little like a desert ride, sand and dry terrain. I've never been passed by some many riders. Yep the New Training Technique definitely sucks!

Coming into the bike to run transition, I was told I would receive a 10 second penalty for riding partially into the transition area...phurrt! Whatever! I'm just trying not to be last...really!

Ahhhh! The finish! 4 hours and 30ish minutes (they never gave us the results). I cramped severely and was walking like Frankenstein, causing other competitors to laugh...

There weren't too many people around by the time I finished, but this guy had a cold beer new best friend!

There she is, my lone fan!
Hey we're all winners in my book

Now for the best part of my race...the post party! We heard that Xterra Italy really put on a feast so Kanae and I bought special aprons for the occasion...Saipan style.

For some reason, everybody wanted a picture with the aprons?!

I wish!
Hey who threw a chair at my head?

Great times and fun people. Xterra is about community.

Those of you who know Kahuna Dave, know he's always looking for pretty girls to take a picture with, unless the waiter try's to take his beer. Hey!


There he is again! Wrecking a beautiful shot of Kanae and Renata. Thanks Dave!

The brits are coming the brits are coming! This group is pretty excited about coming to Saipan next year!


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