Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dune Buggies in Saipan!

On Sunday afternoon, we were invited to test-drive the newest attraction at Marianas Trekking ~ the dune buggies. These "cars" go 25mph (with the governors on) and handle nicely around the Marpi trails. They can actually accelerate to 50mph, but for tourists, 25mph is sufficient.

Russ drove his buggy like a race car driver, maneuvering through the turns and hills.
I had fun following and going at top speed.
Keith and Yosh were on the ride, enjoying the ride.
Thanks, Chris for a fun outing!As a two-seater, a parent and child can sit comfortably together and tour the northern sites.

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Sean said...

Cool! When we come back to Saipan to visit, we'll have to try those for sure.

After all, we'll be tourists then so what could be more appropriate!