Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guam & Santos Acres Party

I went to Guam this weekend for work and had a chance to spend some time on Sat afternoon with the Cramer's. I caught Jon & Yoshie at Ipao Beach attending a Guerrero/Camacho political rally BBQ and it was a beautiful day. I was happy to spend time with Wendi & Lexi for dinner on Friday night.

Ipao Beach always brings fond memories. This shot could be a postcard.
Minami embraced me with a huge hug!

I love my Godchildren! I played with Minami who is now .5 yrs.
We caught Misaki #45 at his soccer game as their team, the Wings, is getting ready to go to Japan to play in a couple weeks.
Little Masato likes Minami and tried to kiss her a few weeks back. At the game, he gave her a smiley face pin as a token of his affection.
For dinner, we went to Ban Thai and gave Misaki his b-day gift, a giant origami set!
Russ picked out the card and Misaki seemed to like it, too.
Here's Yoshie, Minami and Jon in the background (talking to Russ on the phone).
Tonight, we went up the hill to the Schultz's for a going-away BBQ for the Sharma/Thomas family. The neighbors of Santos Acres got together for some laughter and food, always a good combo. Here is Shereesh with all three daughters!
Becca and Meagan are honorary Santos Acres friends as they are regular house sitters.
We heard stories that Divya sang karaoke with the PIC Band on Friday night!
After dinner, Brenda brought out the game called "Would you rather..."
For one particular question, "Would you rather swim 10 laps in a pool filled with diarrhea every day or have a scrotum on your chin that is sensitive to the touch?", we had the "kids" do the ear muffs. Most of us voted for the scrotum on the chin.
OK another question: "Would you rather drink a 1/2 gallon of pus or eat a 1/2 inch thick scab sandwich? Who makes up these questions???
Mike and Rob are contemplating the answers.
During the evening, we managed to get all the adults signed up for the PIC dodgeball tournament which is next Saturday!

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