Monday, July 6, 2009

A Happy & Delicious 4th of July Weekend

Independence and freedom define 4th of July and CNMI's Liberation Day. We should use the holiday to stop and be thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy today. For us, it also meant food and lots of it! We skipped the usual Beach BBQ and enjoyed BBQ's at the Kosack's on July 4th and Goodwin's on July 5th. Dining with good friends is something we do often here and it allows us to catch up on each other's lives and travels. As always, there was way too much food!

With the overcast skies on Saturday, we saw a faded sunset over the lagoon from the Kosack's residence. Some of the Kosack's guests: Tim, Marilyn, Faythe, Earl, Abby and Rhoda. It seems like Clarie was sharing a secret with Russ in the background. Leigh, Maya & Eric enjoying the lagoon view.
Brett & nephew, Jake, who is now 18. I managed to get Tim & Russ to take a regular picture and not make faces. On Sunday, the Gourmet Dinner group celebrated at the Goodwin's
for a festive 5th of July party!
The menu :
  • Jim's Smoked Ribs & Finger Lickin Sauces
  • Assorted crudite w/ Deborah's green goddess dressing
  • Classice Benedetto buffalo bacon cheeseburgers,
  • The Mighty Quinn grilled chicken, avocado & tomatillo salsa burger
  • Tina's tantalizing tzatziki lamb burger
  • Kanae's Korn on the Kob with a trio of seasoning salts and butters
  • Bobbi's nutty salad
  • Marilyn's crisp apple & blue cheese slaw
  • Tina's handcut French fries with Rhoda's homemade ketchup
  • Lynn's all-American peach cobbler
  • Rhoda's homemade vanilla ice cream

    Here, Marilyn, Deborah, Rhoda and Tina work on the preparations for the feast. Newly married couple, Chau and Rob, visit Saipan for part of their honeymoon tour around Micronesia. Welcome back and congratulations! Welcome back to Lynn & Steve as they missed the Mexican gourmet in late May. Lynn's fabulous Peach Cobbler! She made three with the stars & stripes theme! The Drink Menu:
  • Deborah's Double-rimmed Watermelon Daquiris
  • Tim B's Hard Lemonade
  • Tim G's Iced Tea with Amaretto
  • Assorted Beer.

The virgin Watermelon Daiquiris were just as tasty and Deborah rimmed half with lime sugar and the other half with gourmet pink salt. Rhoda, Lynn and Marilyn decorated the tables so beautifully. Jim was in charge of making his smoked ribs. Here, Chau is assisting with basting the home-made Kansas BBQ sauce.

Tina and Rhoda made home-made ketchup!

The amazing spread!
Russ trio of burgers: lamb, buffalo & chicken with smoked ribs and corn on the cob with jalapeno/cumin butter and lime salt.
Happy Liberation Day!
Bobbi, Steve, Lynn, Russ, Kanae, Deborah & Brad
Tina, Chau, Jim, Eric, Rhoda, Tim, Marilyn and Rob
The peach cobbler, vanilla ice cream combo was fantastic!
Thank you to all for making another gourmet dinner so eventful! We look forward to the next one at Deborah and Brad's new pad!

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Sean said...

Wow, I could read your blog just for the food!

I was wondering how clear it would be. I hoped to make it up to Topochau for one last sunset on the 4th but it was so overcast. We opted for a last swim in the Grotto instead.

Gosh, I miss Saipan so much. And you guys! Hope you are well!