Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch at LatteKafe

Looking for a casual new place for lunch or dinner? Try Lattekafe on Beach Rd in Garapan, near the BSEA office. Yoshi Suzuki, a fellow triathlete friend, opened his new restaurant a couple months ago and Angela recommended it the other day!

Lunch is open from 11am-4pm and dinner hours are 6-10pm. They serve Japanese style American food: hamburgers, BLT, pizza, pasta, curry rice & ginger pork. The decor is nice and I wanted to take more photos but there were customers sitting at the other tables. There were two tables that had large internet screens and the customers were "shopping" while waiting for their meal.
If you're eating alone for a quick lunch, there's a bar area but we sat in the "living room" section.
Russ had black curry chicken ($8) and I had the salmon cream pasta ($9). Both come with a small salad and iced tea (refills included).
Their coffee machines looked cool... will need to try their coffee next time.

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Sean said...

Nobody does food like the Quinns. I always get hungry when I read your blog!