Monday, July 27, 2009

PIC's 1st Charity Dodgeball Championships 2009

When was the last time we played dodgeball aside from Saturday, you ask? About 30-35 years ago for some of us! Well, Dick's Dodgy Dodgers was an eclectic team comprised of good friends who had no prior practice but wanted to just participate and have fun!

And.... we did! We started the tournament by donning our costumes because it's better to look good than be good ~ Jamaican Bob Marley rasta skull cap worn by Dick, peace necklaces and wristbands and to top it off, the oversized sunglasses to heighten the intimidation factor for our opponents. I believe our strategy was highly effective!
We started each game with a team cheer, usually "Peace"or "Triple D's"!
Luckily, we were in the first Pool so we played three other teams, beat them all and rested until Bracket Play.
In the afternoon, we commenced bracket play where we had to beat Team Mixed Nuts.
... and, we did!
Next, we faced PIC's Finance Department who had actually practiced on Tue and Wed night and did very well! But, not good enough!
One of the highlights was playing against the first seeded team, Dick Cheney's Buckshot Facial. Their all-male team dominated until they had to face our team. Somehow, it was down 3 to 1 (our lead) and as we were unable to dodge the hurtling red sphere, Dick was able to catch one of Chris' fastballs to finish the game.
Earlier in the morning, we learned that we (the women) weren't the most powerful throwers. It was more likely to have our balls caught by our opponents so we strategized and tried to be the ball retrievers for our team.
These dodgeballs were soft and surrounded by foam so it didn't hurt to get hit by them.
Our team cheered each other on. Yosh and Glenn must have been left on the court.
Jackie and Jake played on different teams. I think Jake was a bit surprised to see his wife's team make it to the finals. We really wanted to play against them!
Unfortunately, Jake's teammates made a crucial error in the semi-finals when one guy threw a ball at the Japanese team just 15 seconds before the end. The Japanese guy caught it and so his team won by eliminating one person from Jake's team and gaining a member for his team.
"Triple D!!" cheer
Steph and I had fun playing and cheering our team on. Who knew that our team would even make it to the Finals? We were happy to be part of a fun group!
Dodgeball is an excellent sport because anyone can play. Athleticism is somewhat helpful, but the important parts of the game include strategy and catching the opponents' balls.
There were 16 teams who joined and it was a great spectator sport at PIC's tennis courts.
Russ & Dick nailed those balls!Dodgeball Opening Rush:
Game begins by placing the dodgeballs along the center line - 3 on each side. Players the take a position behind their end line as shown above. Following a signal by the official, teams approach the center line to retrieve the balls. This signal officially starts the match. teams may only retrieve the 3 balls to their right of the center hash. Once a ball is retrieved, it must be taken behind the attack line (service line), before it can be legally thrown.
Although half of the 16 teams were "all-male", we proved that co-ed teams were just as good!
In the finals, we played the Japanese Team "Ardija". We beat them twice in pool play, but they improved quickly and learned how to catch the balls and remain in the back.
We were 1st runner up in the Banner/Costume Contest & the Tournament.
We won a case of Miller High Life!
Team Ardija won 3/4 case of Lite beer and the perpetual dodgeball trophy.
Congratulations to them for their success!

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