Saturday, August 29, 2009

ME Weekend Planning Committee

The next ME Weekend is coming up! October 16~18, 2009 at the Saipan Grand Hotel. On Thursday evening, we hosted the Planning Committee meeting at our home to all the encountered couples who wish to make the next Weekend a special event for all the new ones. We shared a nice dinner, lots of laughs and set up a plan to get the ball rolling.
Russ chats with Jeff and Jun
Tony, Vince and John are all big ME players!
From left to right: Linda, Carole, Linda, Carol, John
How funny ~ we've got two Linda's and two Carol's!
We are thankful that the Hosono's and Pangelinan's are ready to coordinate the Weekend.
Hilma and Vicky ~ sister in laws who, with their spouses, are so committed to ME!
The next planning meeting is on Thursday, Sep 3rd at Tony & Linda Y's home in Koblerville. 6pm! If anyone is interested in attending the Weekend, please call me at 285-1168.

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