Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Quinn Party!

We arrived at the Quinn home on Friday morning after a long flight & layover in Narita and went out to lunch at Tortilla Flats on Mission Viejo Lake. The Santa Ana winds kept the temperature over 100 degrees! We started our vacation enjoying Mexican food with the folks. Uncle Russ played with nephews Casey and Cal and told them to make a funny face for the photo.
Russ and cousin Steve. They hadn't seen each other since grade school back in Seattle. Steve was visiting the area for work and it was nice to meet another family member.
Mom & Dad had their backyard redone. They added the terraces, fountain and lighting.
Very nice!
Casey is now 3! What a cute kid!
On Saturday morning, Russ showed Cal how to play games on his I-touch and Casey just wanted to be loved. He gives love pats as a show of affection.
Saturday night was the BIG PARTY! Over 50 guests came for the Mexican fiesta! We also caught up with former Saipan residents, Doug & Kat Mauro and their two sons.
The Quinn girls. Megan was amazing! She went to her work at Taco Bell and prepared all the food for the fiesta! We had it all, even brownies and cupcakes plus the margarita machine!
Demonstrating the one leg upside down hold on Jake.
The party ended on Saturday evening (or early Sunday morning), but there was more! On Sunday afternoon, Megan and co-worker Tim, a former sushi chef, started prepping for our sushi dinner! Tim showed Meg how to cut the Tai (snapper).
Shannon came home from her Santa Barbara yoga retreat just in time! Here, she's showing off Grandma Quinn's ring, worth a million dollars... not!
Maddy, me, Russ and Shannon having a nice dinner.
Mike & Lisa... we hope you come out to visit us next summer!
Mom & Dad loved the home-made California rolls!
Megan showing off the tai (nigiri sushi).
The sushi was delicious and better than you can have at a restaurant. Tim and Meg went to Gardena's Marukai fish market to buy the freshest catch for our meal.
Ootoro... fatty tuna priced at $69 per pound! It was amazing and just melted in our mouths! Tim showed us how to roll a wad of wasabi into the toro and eat it without tasting the wasabi burn.
Ryan and Uncle Russ.
Tuna and Hamachi rolls.
Saipan parrot fish (from Jun) topped with daikon, scallions and ponzu sauce.
Russ and Shannon doing the dishes! Tim is laughing hysterically and finds the Quinn's VERY entertaining!
Domo arigato gozaimashita, Tim and Meg for a fabulous sushi dinner! It was wonderful!
On Monday night, I had to be admitted into ER, due to all that weekend partying! Just kidding!
I had a uterine blood clot that wouldn't stop bleeding so we spent 4 hours at the Mission Viejo Hospital. I'm better today and taking it easy.
We've had a full weekend and enjoyed every moment of spending time with our families.
We love you guys!


Shannon Quinn said...

Hope you are feeling better Kanae!

Sean said...

Hey, glad to know you guys are on the same continent as us. That sushi sure looked good! Hope you're doing better Kanae.

"I can't find my keys" said...

Hey Kanae,
Hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you,
Love Vicki

Jake and Jackie said...

Kanae and Russ, it looks like you are having an awesome time at home! :) Your house is doing good and we'll keep it safe in the next few days! Praying you feel better!!!