Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor for Love on Labor Day

The ME Community organized a first ever "Labor for Love Kick Off Rally" to celebrate Labor Day with food, games and fun! Many, many thanks to Mark & Jenni Aguon, Gary & Vanessa Pangelinan, John & Carol Hosono, Vince & Hilma Castro, Jake & Jackie Van Dam and all of the families who participated to make the event a success.
One of the families brought their maltese, Tika, who wore her cool shades. The kids made roadside banners but we didn't have time to use them! They will be perfect to decorate for the next Weekend in October.
In our matching ME shirts... like a honeymoon couple.
Jenni and Jackie preparing for the "Family Fear Factor" game.
The Trianni Family joined the fun!
We joined the Family Fear Factor and "adopted" two kids: Kenji & Dallas.
Russ was the first member of the Family Fear Factor. The secret drink was chocolate Ensure, which was not so bad.
Second was Dallas. He had the squash baby food all over him.
Mine was sardines... which I actually like! Yum!
Last was Kenji with the Spinach baby food. He didn't like his at all!
The kids' limbo game drew a huge line of participants.
Next, was the adults' limbo, which was much more entertaining to watch.
After the festivities, the guys (Gary, Russ, Mark & Jun) hung out watching the sunset.

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