Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powerade Banzai 1/2 Marathon for Jamie

For two consecutive years, Nate, Strider and I have participated in this half-marathon. We're not serious about the running as we walk up the hills and chit chat along the way. It's really a long training run for us and it's a great trail. We finished in 2 hrs 21 min, so no records broken. But, there is always a sense of accomplishment when completing a race. I planned to run this about 4 weeks ago and started running 3 times a week. Since I'm a very slow runner, I am happy that someone will run with me. Thank you, Nate & Strider!
Russ ran the 7km race. He doesn't run at all, only at occasional races or triathlons.
Good job, honey!
I got new running socks with the ribbed mid-sole section. Well.... I started getting a blister within the first 40 minutes. When I finished, it was significant!
Tyce and Yosh finished well ahead in the half -marathon! Good job, guys!! Woo-hoo!
There were only three females that ran the long course, so I got third place!
Congratulations to Mamiko for her first place finish & Kimi on her second place finish.
Both are shown here with apples stuffed in their jog bras! Sassy!!

All the proceeds from this race go to Jamie Whitmore, a former professional XTERRA triathlete. We hope that she can join us for XTERRA Saipan 2010!

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