Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tokyo highlights

When I'm in Tokyo for sales calls or the annual JATA travel fair, I get the chance to see some old friends, many of whom are associated with PIC.

Last Thursday, I had a nice lunch with Midori san at an Italian restaurant called L'estasi in Roppongi. She reminded me that I hired her to be my Sales & Marketing Assistant 10 years ago! Wow ~ how time flies!!
Later that evening, I joined the Green's for a lovely dinner at Union Square, a nice restaurant in the Midtown complex in Roppongi. I first met the Green's in 1993 at PIC Saipan. They are wonderful repeater guests and of course, great friends.
On Friday, the JATA/WTF officially opened at the Big Sight Exhibition Center in Ariake. Yooja san and Miho san helped out at the booth the entire weekend. Thank you, ladies!
The Australia booth was right next to ours, so I got to pose with the kangaroo and koalas.
On Friday evening, we organized the yearly PIC reunion. It's always enjoyable to get together, reminisce about the good 'ol days and share stories about what's happening now.
We celebrated Yooja san's birthday when the clock struck midnight! CHEERS to you!
We had drinks down this alleyway near Shinagawa station. Most of the bars were open until 5am!
MVA brought the Carolinian performers, including my friends Gordon and John. They played ukulele, sang and worked with the guests on creating local artwork (banana painting and weaving).
I couldn't help notice this man's bright red sneakers and then the other guy who was lying on the floor of the train. I think he drank a bit too much!
Siheky, PIC's mascot, was out a couple times each day at the travel fair. She was a hit!

On Saturday night, I met the Nepaial family in Harajuku for dinner. It was so nice talking to Beth, Andy and Cory again. Sam and his friend went off by themselves so the four of us strolled the streets of Harajuku and wandered around. Thank you, Beth & Andy!

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