Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Very Busy Weekend in Saipan!

This past weekend was another whirlwind of events on Saipan. We started off Friday night attending the ME Reunion with 26 other couples. Here, we are with our ME Family: Gordon & Bina Marciano (newly encountered) and Carol & John Hosono (encountered March 2009).

On Saturday morning at 7am, we held our staff meeting at Gold's Gym. We're happy to report that the exterior facade is being re-painted and projects are underway for many more upgrades!Saturday was also the annual Japanese Autumn Festival at Sugar King Park, just adjacent to Gold's. Hundreds of residents come to the festival to sample Japanese food, watch dancers from Hokkaido and play games. The paper lanterns have names of the Association members.

Later in the afternoon, we checked into the Hyatt to an upgraded ocean-view Regency Wing room and hosted a pre-party with our wonderful friends.This year's American Red Cross Club 200 theme was "Madhatter" so the Hyatt and ARC did a fantastic job decorating the outdoor venue.
Here we are at the entrance.

Bill found seating for 16 of us on the beachfront and it was another beautiful sunset.
Angela & Russ enjoying the view.
Bruce, Tyce, Tim, Russ and me.
The Trianni Family celebrated their wedding anniversary that night and brought kids Maryn and Talia.
The girls - me, Stephanie, Angela, Linda, Tina and Angie.
More ladies... Jeannette, Shimiko, Nikki, Linda, Sarah, Angie, Leanne, Lori and Bobbi all dressed up and looking cute!
Cassie and Jenn made their Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn hats!
I loved Jenni's big purple mesh hat.
Willie K. performed for the guests and rocked the crowd!
We danced quite a bit!
Afterwards, we went to Godfather's and danced there and met Angela, Bill, Tania and Ed at the Flair! We stayed up until 1am and walked back to our room at the Hyatt.
On Sunday morning, we had a nice breakfast with the Santos' at the Regency Wing, went to church and then returned for Sunday Brunch with the Goodwin's!


Shawn said...

The pleasure was all mine to be a part of your weekend. Thanks for the hospitality,
Shawn Michael
Willie K's Bass Player

Russ and Kanae said...

Thank you for performing! We love your music!

Sean said...

What a great Saipan weekend. Loved seeing so many familiar faces.

Miss you guys. . .