Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being Grateful

Sometimes when we're not feeling well or when we encounter a tough challenge, it's easy to complain and talk about how hard life can be. Well... there's another side, a perspective that we should always remember. That is...we need to remember how blessed we are with what we have.
After returning home from a recent visit to the states, Russ and I were reminded about how blessed we are to have our wonderful families who have their health and each other. We are fortunate to be able to visit them annually and enjoy our short moments with them. I talk about being blessed because it's different from being lucky. It's simply NOT luck. We've been blessed from God and we are grateful.
We are also blessed to have our "family" in Saipan & Guam, our friends who have become family members through many events and years together. This weekend, we're involved in Marriage Encounter, where 20 new couples are being "encountered" and learning how special their spouses really are.
It is easy to look outside and complain about something not working correctly but I found something this week that is truly beautiful. It's our orchid! In the past, we've never had any orchids re-bloom after we've replanted them and so when we returned from our holiday, we found these beautiful, intricate white flowers growing from the coconut husks in our front yard. How gorgeous! It's a reminder of recognizing beauty in everyday life.
And this weekend, I am reminded by the couples who'll be transformed through ME as well as all the couples who are working so hard to make it possible. We are seeing love in action!
So, for anyone reading this... look outside yourself and be blessed by all that you do have!


Sean said...

Thanks for the reminder Kanae. Even with temperatures a good forty degrees lower than yours we find ourselves with so much to be grateful for!

Russ and Kanae said...

We sure missed you guys at the ME weekend. It was another fantastic, successful event where the community pulls together and shows off our skills! Give our love to Barbara and Elijah!