Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 2 Soboba Classic

This morning was Day 2 of the qualifying round of the Soboba Classic. Blue skies, slight wind, temperature about 88 degrees kept the players and gallery comfortable. Earlier in the day, we witnessed an owl flying overhead, surrounded by 6 smaller black birds. We thought that owls were nocturnal so it was nice to see one flying around in broad daylight.
The leader board posted the top player with a score of -7. Impressive!
This scenic photo reminds me of Southern California with the tall palm trees and mountains in the background. The Country Club at Soboba Springs is gorgeous right now.
Brendan Steele, one of the local favorites from Idyllwild had a gallery following him. He remained at -5 through this round. He was playing well.
On the 9th hole, Steele missed his birdie putt. In fact, he missed a couple of birdie putts!
It must be the pressure.
We were happy to just walk the course, watch amazing golf and enjoy the atmosphere.

Good luck to all the players! We would also like to send our prayers to our family & friends in Saipan, enduring Supertyphoon Melor right now! Take care!

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