Friday, October 2, 2009

Golf & Gourmet

On Tuesday afternoon, we arrived at my parents' home in the desert and enjoyed the BEST French Onion soup ever. Mama san is an amazing cook and she made her Soup and Salad for our lunch that afternoon. We were so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of it. That afternoon, we just took it easy as I was still resting.
For dinner, Mama san made 7 dishes including the following: Saipan's onaga prepared in a ginger/soy/sake/mirin marinade with mint on top.

bean sprouts with the ends removed and spinach mixed together with garlic and sesame. This had a distinctive Korean taste. She also prepared spring onion wrapped in thin slices of beef.
The salad was a vinagered dish consisting of fresh snow crab, wakame (seaweed) and Japanese cucumber. The main dish was the Chilean sea bass in the sake/ginger marinade. She also made a matsutake mushroom rice, crab miso soup and her own pickled cucumber/eggplant. YUMMY!
On Wednesday morning, we went to the Yucaipa Golf Club to play a new course. It was very cold in the morning (high 50's or low 60's) and it took us a while to warm up.
I wore my fleece pullover and still felt cold. I hadn't played golf since July 4th 2008!
The ducks were hoping that I would feed them, but I didn't have anything.
We couldn't play my parents' course since it was being utilized for the Nationwide PGA Golf Tournament. Wednesday was the Pro-Am tournament.
The Soboba Classic's purse is $1 million with the winner taking $180k!
The course has transformed into a real championship course.
The San Jacinto mountains in the background are so picturesque against the foliage and blue sky.
Thursday morning was the start of the Pro tournament and the course looked perfect!
Papa is working all four days as a Marshal. Today, he was on Hole #1, marking any ball that went into the rough with those little green flags.
Mama and I as spectators.
Papa watching as one of the pros goes for his second shot.
Going for the putt....
Russ enjoying his first live golf tournament!
We're enjoying the quiet pace of desert living with gourmet food and pro golf.

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