Monday, October 12, 2009

Moroccan Gourmet at Deborah & Brad's new home

Our usual gourmet dinner group shrunk to just 3 couples on Saturday night, due to illness, off island trips and other commitments. Despite the smaller group, we (Quinn's, Goodwin's and Huesman/Fisher's) had a delightful evening, savoring Deborah's Moroccan dishes and enjoying their newly built home.

Deborah made chicken B'stilla, wrapped in phyllo dough. Tim made the cocktails: cranberry & pomegranate juice with vodka.
Their new dining room...A gorgeous kitchen!
Nicely appointed living room with great cabinetry...
Deborah in her new kitchen! She's a great cook!
We had pumpkin soup with french bread, Moroccan lentil salad and pine nut/almond cookies...
Plus... the Lamb Tangine as the main course on top of couscous...
It was all delicious!
Thank you, Brad & Deborah for hosting and allowing us to visit your lovely new home!

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