Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pre-HOM 50km Fun Ride & ME Weekend

Last Sunday was the Pre-HOM 50km fun ride which started at PIC, went up to the airport, followed Isa Drive past our house in Papago, went down to Kingfisher and back, turned right after Coffee Care to go to Aqua Resort for the turnaround and back to PIC. 93 riders started the race and 85 finished! Congratulations to Nate Hawley & Mieko Carey for finishing first and of course, to all the participants who had a great ride!

I was seated at the Papago bus stop near our house with Shelby and Russ passed by. After he yelled Shelby's name, it was hard for me to control her. She wanted to go after Russ down the road.
Tina looking happy and strong!
Norma riding down the hill with a smile on her face, too!
Look at Angie! Good for her to be out there with the pack!
Hey, Betty!
On Sunday evening, a group of us gathered after the Weekend to share our thoughts about ME. What a great group! We love you guys!

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