Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another busy weekend on the rock!

I was happy to finish Friday evening with our annual PIC Sales & Marketing meeting complete. Immediately afterwards was the 2nd PIC Dodgeball Tournament and there were 17 teams participating included "The Wedding Party" consisting of Becca, Jason, Nikki, Chris, Angie, Tyce, Russ, Leanne, Linda, Dave & Yosh (not pictured). Friday night was the round robin and The Wedding Party won every game and placed first in the seed for Saturday's matches. On Saturday morning, we went down to Lao Lao Bay to play in the 18th annual Club at the Hyatt Golf Tournament, which is an annual fundraiser for the CNMI's Make A Wish Foundation.
I had not played the last two years due to being off island, but this year, it was my chance to play my once a year golf in Saipan with our friends, Tina and Mike.... part of this winter's SWAT! As Team 14A, we started on Hole #14, which was the blindfold hole. We had to hit past a certain marker to win a prize. Mike tried first, Russ second, Tina third and I was last and made it close to the yellow flag which started off our team with a par!
Russ and I had not played golf since we were in the states and we just wanted to have FUN!
We had so many great shots. On Hole #18, Tina sunk an amazing 40 foot putt for birdie! STRONG WORK!
Tina's new Big Bertha was great! Maybe I'll get one...?
We used to golf often - at least once a month but now, it might be once a year. The Best Ball format is the most interesting way to golf. At the Awards Banquet, we bought our usual lot of raffle tickets and ended up winning the I Sagua Suite package! It includes an overnight stay in the I Sagua Spa suite, 60 minute massage for two at I Sagua and Dinner for two at Giovanni's!
After golf, the Single Elimination of Dodgeball commenced at PIC.
Here is one of the competing teams.
PIC's Front Office team with David and Masako played this match against the PIC Finance Department.
I got the perfect shot of Kevin getting hit with a great expression!
PIC's Finance Department eventually beat "Just the Tip" team in the Finals.
Russ and Tyce in the zone with the wedding party uniforms.
Tyce, Becca and Jason getting the balls after the initial start.

Today, we went to church and then had our usual Sunday lunch at Poon's. Two weeks ago, Russ teased Rex about about his pink polo so we decided then that we would wear our most outlandish "loud" shirts for today's lunch. Well, Russ forgot about it but our friends didn't! We particularly liked Tim's pink, orange and lavender striped shirt, which his sister gave him as a gift. Russ will have to make it up to them at Thanksgiving.

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