Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Gift of Friends who are Family

This past week, we were blessed with spending time with wonderful friends, who have truly become our family. We've known Vicki since 1996 when she first came to PIC Saipan and we have remained the best of friends ever since!

Vicki's visit was perfect timing for our Gold's venture as we wanted an experienced Spin instructor to help teach our Saipan instructors. For room & board at the Quinn Inn, Vicki taught three classes plus 3 instructor classes! Thank you, Vicki!! You rock!!! On her first night after the Spin class, we went to Spicy Thai for dinner. There, we met up with the Mister's, Elliott's, Gabaldon's, Bruce and Dale.
Spicy Thai is our favorite Thai restaurant on island. Very authentic!
Vicki's Spin students on Day #2. She had them going for an hour and worked their butts off!
We then met the Goodwin's and Gabaldon's for dinner at the Hyatt's Teppanyaki. They had a visiting Teppan chef from the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Here, Chef Okawa prepared seabass with mushrooms in a plastic bag which could be heated to 250 degrees!
The guys enjoyed their dinner...
...and so did the girls! Thank you, Goodwin's for a fantastic meal!
Around the corner, Jackie was celebrating her 24th birthday at Giovanni's! Happy, happy birthday, Jackie! You deserve the best!
On Friday, we headed over to Guam for the R2's memorial. We agreed to be part of the Tribute Show in the amphitheatre that night.
R2, aka Veronica Romero was our wonderful friend whom we met in 1990.
For the show, Russ and Jon opened with the "Blues Brothers" by dancing & lip-syncing. The crowd loved the craziness!
And yes, I became a Robert Palmer "Simply Irresistible" dancer again. It's been 19 yrs but I managed to re-learn the routine in 15 minutes and danced with the ladies.
After the Clubmate, Conscious Living and Island Show performances, we caught up with the Cramer family. Minami stayed awake to watch two numbers and slept for the rest of the numbers, even the fire dances!
Here we all are..a Happy PIC Family!
Russ carried Minami up the hill to the Lobby.
On the way up, Russ and Misaki got into a wrestling match in the flower bed.
and again in the lobby.
Then, Godfather Russ gave Misaki one of his infamous wedgies!
Today, was R2's memorial at the Hagatna Cathedral. The program cover showed her warm, smiling face, something we would always remember.
The interior of the cathedral is beautiful.
Ben, Rosie and two of their girls.
At the end of the service, R2's family member who flew out from the states, gathered around her photo and the urn. It was a very touching moment.
Across the street at Carmen's restaurant, they had a nice reception.
Michelle and Keana. We worked with Michelle back in 1990 as Clubmates. She married Louie, another Clubmate so we have much in common!
R2, we will always love you! We miss you and look forward to seeing you in heaven.
Vicki and I are very close and make each other laugh to the point where we get great ab workouts! We're so grateful for our friendship.
After Misaki scored a goal in memory of R2, we went out to dinner at the rotary sushi.
Russ and goddaughter, Minami playing in the parking lot.
Life is short. Live it to the fullest. Always be kind to others.

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