Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It's about being grateful and appreciating our loved ones who are near and far AND eating a sumptuous feast or two! We are so thankful for all that we have...

I woke up in the morning, prepared some food & dessert and took time to read and relax. It was a relatively "chilly" morning in Saipan - 77 degrees so it felt like autumn. Shelby had her breakfast (her one meal of the day) and was hung over. We call it a food coma, where she her ears and belly become warm, her eyes get bloodshot and she just lays on the cool tile. Russ went biking with Steve & Jim to train on the Hell of the Marianas course and came home to drink 3 cups of coffee and his shake. We didn't want to eat a big breakfast as our first Thanksgiving meal was lunchtime!
We headed to the Johnson's where Betty had finished cooking the turkey and Mike was ready to slice and serve.
For the last few years, we've watched these kids literally grow up!
Russ, of course, sat outside at the kids' table.
One of the most amusing parts of Thanksgiving at the Johnson's is the flag football game that immediately follows lunch. With two or three platefuls of food, the adults play against the kids, who aren't so little anymore. Here, they're huddled to tackle the "old guys".
At halftime, the old guys and kids were tied 6-6 and they were playing until 10. Here, the old guys are drinking beer while the kids drank water/gatorade...
Although it was a friendly game of flag football, there was a lot of talk and elbows thrown about. Luckily, there was no crying this time as the youngest kid was 12. When the game got to be 9-8, the shirts came off. This is the tactic the old men use to frighten/repulse the kids with their body odor and sweat.
I guess it worked since the old guys won 10-9, a very close game! Afterwards, the kids threw the cooler of ice on Russ...the biggest talker on the field.
After a quick run home to get the mashed potatoes and peanut butter/chocolate bars, we went to the Kosack's for our annual Thanksgiving dinner.
Every year, we gather around their dining room table and give thanks before we feast on the huge dinner. Here, Hiroko & Frank in matching outfits and Jasmine & Emily.
The Mojica's are new grandparents with Robert's first daughter, Kaya, who is six weeks old. Tim & Marilyn and David & Faith are regulars.
Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy...
Prime rib, grilled vegetables, pumpkin bread, pasta, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gyoza and Caesar salad.
We ate outdoors on the patio to visit with our friends and share some laughs.
Stephanie and I have known each other since 1992! Thank you for your friendship!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
May your hearts be full of love, compassion and forgiveness.

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Sean said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Saipan friends! The food and fellowship look great!