Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Shoot

Yesterday afternoon, Russ, Yosh and I decided to see hyped-about "Twilight" sequel ~ "New Moon". Overall, it was not as good as the first film but one part caught our eye. When Bella went to rescue Edward in Italy, they actually traveled to Montepulciano. How do we know? Well, we were there during the film shoot and didn't know it at the time that it was for this film. On May 26th, we drove from Siena to several villages in Tuscany and stopped at Montepulciano. We walked up a steep hill and saw that most of the town was cordoned off due to a film shoot.
In the film, you will recall the red banners and flags decorated on the buildings as shown below.
We were a bit disappointed at the time that we weren't able to tour this particular village. If you look at the tower portion, you can see the clock which is clearly depicted in the film.
The surrounding valleys, vineyards and castles make Italy such a memorable, fantastic place. We highly recommend touring the Tuscan hillside and witnessing all the beauty first hand.


Sean said...

LoL, never figured you two for Twilight fans! Bet you never figured me for one either, but. . .I read all four books and really liked them. I wasn't interested in seeing the first movie but this one is piquing my interest for some reason.

Cool that you were there in Italy when they were shooting.

Miss you guys!

Russ and Kanae said...

Hi Sean! We saw the first one and wanted to check out all the hype on the sequel. Hope you, Barabara and Elijah are enjoying a blessed Thanksgiving!
Love you all!

Sean said...

We are! We had a nice dinner with Barbara's family a few days early and now we are here in Oregon celebarting with the same Saipan friends we always had Thanksgiving with when we were there. (They happened to relocate to the States two weeks after we did).