Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Beautiful Godchildren

We are all God's children, but we are especially blessed to have wonderful godchildren in both Guam and Saipan. We love them all!

Lexi is 10 yrs old and she just won her age group in the gymnastics meet last weekend! She's also one of the honor students at her school. We are so proud of you!Minami is now 6 yrs old and it was her birthday yesterday! She scored her first soccer goal a few weeks ago! Good job, Minami!
Misaki is now 12 yrs and quite the athlete. He surfs, snowboards, swims and plays golf, soccer, baseball and does them all well.Miguel is Russ' godson through Confirmation. He's now a senior in high school and will be leaving for college next year. Miguel is a great guy, a good skier and is rumored to be the most popular guy at his school!
Our newest Godson is Billy. He's now 8.5 months and so adorable! You wouldn't believe that he was a preemie and weighed only 5 lbs. at birth.
I stopped by the other day to see him and he was all smiles!!

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