Sunday, November 22, 2009

SWAT meeting (party)!

We had a preliminary SWAT meeting last night to familiarize new members with rules of the radio, play liar's dice, view old photos and watch an extreme ski DVD. We, of course, enjoyed great food and enjoyed each other's company.
The "kids" are no longer kids and they're all looking forward to the trip this year.
Tina will be a new member this year and will have fun skiing with Betty Bomber.
Que Sera Sera will hopefully make the annual trip this year!
It would not be the same without her!
Shelby had friends over as well.... Jojo and Aga!
During the liar's dice game, Go 2 Guy skyped and played with everyone. Green Pants beat GQ!
Twilight won't be coming this year and we'll miss her as well.
Russ was proud to show off our new toy....
We are so thankful for our wonderful friends and look forward to another amazing ski season!

1 comment:

Sean said...

Wow, Cooper has grown! I remember when he was just a kid. . .

I know it's cliche but I'll say it anyway. . .they grow up soo fast!