Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Fantastic, Festive Weekend!

On Saturday evening, Gold's Gym Saipan had our Christmas Party on the Jade Lady III. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunset cruise and had a great time!
Kevin, Yosh & Chris
Russ & the ladies... Bel, Nelly, Rochelle & May Ann
Willy & Russ
One of the Korean guests on the cruise had elaborate tattoos covering his arms and legs. I'm pretty sure it was on his chest and back, too.
Upon just a casual, visual inspection, we did not notice any missing digits.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Another gorgeous Saipan sunset!
Jerry, the singer, entertained us all with his multilingual songs.
Lewie, Nikki, Yosh, Kevin, Mieko, Russ and me
Kevin & Mieko pretending to be seasick
Yosh & Nikki enjoying the view

Bill & Shey, our newest Gold's staff and instructor
Don & Susan. Susan teaches ashtanga yoga three times weekly.
Russ & Rex in their holiday shirts.
Afterwards, we went to Godfather's as it was still very early - 7:30pm.
Here's May Ann & Lewie, Kevin & Mieko.
After church services on Sunday, Nebin Wong committed his life to Christ with a baptism.
Pastors Greg & Roger at Saipan Community Church conduct a full submerged ocean baptism which defines a new life resurrected from the dead.
Nebin came to Saipan hoping to secure prosperity in obtaining a US green card of passport about year ago. He was scammed by someone who promised a US education. Instead, he secured eternal life so he is now thankful that God led him to Saipan to endure harsh challenges.
Nebin will return to China in a few months as a new man. He thanked Adina Black for her love & compassion as well as Pastor Greg for his ministering and attention.
After church, I attended a Ladies' Holiday Luncheon at Lynn's place.
Her house was impeccably decorated, much like a stateside department store or museum.
I kept thinking to myself, "Am I in Saipan?"
The party was a Christmas Cookie Exchange and the ladies made 100's of cookies!
This one was the Pumpkin Pecan White Chocolate and below was Coconut Macaroons with topped with rich chocolate!
There were dozens of different types of cookies, all laid out on silver platters and trays.
Lynn's house looked like a gourmet cookie store!
Lynn made some fantastic mint balls (left lower corner) and I also sampled the almond chocolate bars,
The entryway had the giant nutcracker with smaller nutcrackers, more cookies and two Christmas trees. In total, I counted five trees in her home.
More cookies!
Mariyn, Lynn & me.
Angie, me, Tina & Deb
Each place setting was artfully conceived with gold, red & green plates, tartan ribbon, linen napkins, a nutcracker nameplate, individual salt & pepper shakers & two goblets.
Deb & Bobbi in their bright, festive blouses.
Lunch was served...French croissants with curry chicken salad. It was absolutely mouthwatering!
Our table...Tina, Angela, Heather, Deb, Bobbi, Stephanie & Carol
I chose four cookies for dessert: mint ball, coconut macaroon, almond bar, chocolate, peanut butter. Thank you, Lynn for hosting such a magnificent party! There is no one who can design a party like you!! Merry Christmas! Russ later attended the Annual Saipan Community Church's Christmas feast.
Here are Jackie, Teresita & Jan.
Jake & Jackie -
one of our Steps Children. Little Jasmine~ so cute!
The Stone boys entertaining themselves.
The church choir sang Christmas carols for a crowd of 200+. The Christmas Feast is a celebration of cultures as the many congregations come together to celebrate Christ.

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Sean said...

Merry Christmas Quinns! I'm guessing you'll be off for your annual winter sports retreat soon?

Really enjoyed seeing all the holiday goings-on in Saipan. I noticed someone made peanut butter blossoms at the cookie exchange party. That was one of my signature cookies that I've made every year at Christmas for the past few years.

Hope you both are well!