Monday, December 28, 2009

Niseko bound!

Yesterday morning, we met our godson, Misaki, at Guam Airport, for his Christmas trip to Niseko. He had just found out two days before on Christmas morning and it was the biggest surprise gift he had received so we were thrilled to take him up to the snow!
Misaki (Molasses) and Andrew (Scooby Doo) are best friends and were so excited to share another adventure together in the snow.
We were playing games and GQ (Russ) slyly posted the headrest cover onto Greenpants' (Mike) shirt. Six-eights (Cooper) probably thought that I was taking his photo. The Johnson's, Quinn's, Brostrom's, Graf's and Camacho's were all on the same flight.
After a refreshing, relaxing onsen (hot springs) at the Prince Hirafu, Hawkeye (Dick), Que Sera (Sarah), GQ and I (Dancing Queen) dined at one of our favorite little izakaya's called Kakashi.
We managed to eat hokke (horse mackerel), salmon, asparagus, corn, potatoes, trout, plum rice soup, shishamo, etc. All so delicious!!!!
This morning, many of the top lifts were closed due to strong winds, so we trekked over to the Hanazono side which was clear and good!
For lunch, we met the group at Hanazono's 308 restaurant. That blue ramp is called the "magic carpet" which is an automated belt which takes you up to the restaurant. So convenient and clever! There, I enjoyed my favorite lunch, crab ramen!!!
Ted, Wasabi (Linda), Que Sera and Hawkeye enjoying the rest and food.
Molasses finished his crab ramen and some curry, too! He's a growing boy!
We even found Mr. Big (Michael), Cleopatra, Dimitri (Dominic), Yaa Baby! (Kento) and Annie Banani. GQ had spent the morning teaching Christopher how to snowboard.
Bomber, Greenpants and GQ savoring their favorite beer of all time - the Sapporo Classic!
It's snowing and very windy and Hawkeye, GQ and Green pants are the only ones left on the slopes. It gets dark here by 4:30pm and the rest of the clan is just resting in the Powder Hound Lodge. Tonight, Spidey (Bradley) and Snuffy (Miguel) arrive! And on Wednesday, the Goodwin's and our "daughter", Mimi!! Can't wait!!!

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plumeria*girl said...

I can't wait to see more pictures of your trip! More fun days are coming your way I'm sure :)