Thursday, December 3, 2009

PIC's Employee Holiday Party

Strider Hawley (shown right) is visiting us for 10 days while his parents are off-island. He and Shelby are good friends and hang out together. I caught a cute photo of them the other night...
Speaking of animals, I saw a cow at the PIC Employee Holiday Party last night! This year's theme was "A Festival of Cultures" so Kevin appropriately dressed in traditional Kansas wear...
Sergei was actually dressed like a Russian tourist. Here he is with his first PIC boss, who hired him 15 years ago!
I decided to participate in the Managers' skit this year and it was tons of fun! It brought back so many memories of performing regularly as a Clubmate and Entertainment Manager.
We danced to a medley:
We are the World -the culture theme with flags
It's Raining Men
Single Ladies
Housekeeping had an incredible dance using white lights and impressive costumes!
Here we are in "It's Raining Men". The employees love watching the male managers dress in drag and make fools of themselves.
"All the single ladies, all the single ladies..." That Beyonce song is quite catchy!
I also worked the registration table in the beginning with m cohorts: Elly & Heejung.
This is an annual photo that we take together. What wonderful ladies!
We missed the Housekeeping skit/dance which had cool black light visual effects!
PIC can throw an awesome party!


Polly said...

I have to agree that my first PIC party was off the hook! I had fun and really enjoyed myself. It was all worth the work.

Can I dance with you all next year???

Russ and Kanae said...

you better!