Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SWAT in Niseko

SWAT (Saipan Winter Athletic Team) is thoroughly enjoying the fun and snow in Niseko! It's been snowing fiercely since we arrived and it makes the skiing, snowboarding incredibly smooth!

Here's Que Sera, GQ, Hawkeye, Greenpants and Bomber in the snow!
One of our favorite restaurants is Kakashi and we ordered three of the hokke (horse mackerels). Yummy!
One of the new establishments is called Herbies - the umbrella bar, just up the street.
Of course, our neighbor remains Paddy McGinty's where you can empty your wallet in one order!
Later, the kids were warring in a snowball fight.
while the adults played the traditional liar's dice game.
We couldn't understand why it was Molasses (Misaki) and Scooby (Andrew) against all the big kids: Six-eights (Cooper), Spidey (Bradley), Mint Chip (Katie) and Christopher.
Seemed a bit unfair.
On the slopes yesterday, we went OTM to Niseko Village with the group.
And had a nice lunch at Ezo's at the hotel formerly known as the Prince (now called the Hilton Niseko Village). Bomber and Green Pants enjoying their holiday with their 3 kids.
We took a nice break for lunch as well.
The kids had their own room for lunch.
Later in the afternoon, I walked down and had my onsen (hot springs) bath at Yukoro.
For dinner, we had a big party at Jojo's restaurant for Tia Maria's (Martha) birthday!
the von Siebenthal's were able to join us! We miss you guys but it's great to see you annually here in Niseko.
Jojo's also has an indoor climbing wall.... nice entertainment during dinner.
Happy Birthday, Tia Maria!
This morning, the Suzuki family from Sapporo arrived to ski with the group. They are major PIC repeater guests and first came to PIC Guam 28 years ago, right when PIC opened!
The Suzuki's are part of SWAT: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Einstein, Spike and New York New York!
The rest of our group arrived this afternoon: the Goodwin's and Mimi! YEA!!

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