Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 S.W.A.T. Party!

The S.W.A.T. party officially commenced @ 9:38pm (Japan Standard Time) with old and new members alike descending upon the Powder Hound Lodge for the 2009 celebration in Niseko. The commissioner, Green Pants and his Assistant, GQ started the ceremonies with a little dance.
The first award was for Hawkeye's Amazing Adventure Scavenger Hunt. Team Yellow Snow El Diablo, Six-Eights & Snuffy) placed third, with a strong effort by going down to Hanazono after the lift closed. As such, they had to take the bus back to Hirafu and come up to the Ace Hill to complete. Unfortunately, Team Yellow Snow had an incomplete finish with the missing grinding and air attempts.
Team Snow Foxes had the quick finish with a time 2 hours but placed 2nd overall since Trixie's photo failed to clearly display a big air attempt. Otherwise, the ladies took detailed photos of the magic carpet ride even though it was closed and even the rail grind! Strong work!
And, the first place team was the Three Amigos: Major Pain (new name for Spidey), Scooby and Molasses won but not without penalty as Scooby called Hawkeye before heading down to Hanazono as the lifts had closed. Hawkeye advised the young lads to stay in the Hirafu area and so.. they won! The original prize money was JPY6000, but since there was no distinct winner, the Hanazono downhill slalom race will conclude "the great race"!
SWAT members listening intently to the Commissioner & GQ
Trixie performed the scribely duties as she took minutes of the event.
The Big E (formerly known as Sven) took ski lessons yesterday morning and then went up the Ace Quad & Ace 3! Greenpants witnessed the Big E making continuous crashes down to the Alpen Hotel. The Big E won the Best Crash Award!!!
Molasses had to defend himself about his "Biggest Dork Award". Of course, he didn't tell us about it. The Suzuki's had to confess this tale. As told by Mrs. Claus, Molasses was ascending on the Ace #3 with a big handful of snow, reading to throw snow bombs on unsuspecting skiers below. When he got onto the lift, the he fell off and the chair swiped over his helmet and Molasses escaped a near head injury. Luckily, those helmets work well and he was unscathed. The lift operator was angry with Molasses and scolded him in Japanese, " was because you were carrying that thing!"
Later on, Hot Toddy (new SWAT member) recounted the tales from the onsen. As we were quietly sitting in the outdoor bath the other night, Freebird (Roxie) scared away the rest of the bathers by throwing snowballs over to the men's side.
The SWAT ceremonies ended prior to midnight before the countdown. While the kids were throwing snowballs at each other outside and at the drunk pedestrians, the adults played another game of liar's dice. Ice Man (Ted) won the New Year's round.
New SWAT members:
Tim: Herminator (one of the greatest skiers of all time)
Tina: Hot Toddy (makes the best hot toddys ever)
Steven: Polar Bear (able to climb the Yukoro onsen's peak)
Mylan: Sleeping Beauty (sleeps through all meals & parties)
Mimi: Trooper (able to overcome all fears and obstacles)
Chris: El Diablo (likes his name)
Ted: Ice Man (former vietnam pilot)
Welcome to all and Happy New Year!

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Sean said...

Always enjoy your accounts of your S.W.A.T. adventures. You guys have figured it out--a week or two of snow out of each year and then back to tropical paradise. That's the way to live!

Happy New Year!