Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gourmet Dining & Skiing Annupuri

Last night, Herminator chose the restaurant for dinner out of the Niseko Dining Guide. We went to the J Sekka Cafe & Deli and had a nice casual meal. Shoji san ordered the Osso Bucco which looked tasty.
Chikako san ordered the Soup of the Day: Split Pea & Ham which was garnished with crab meat.
Hot Toddy & I ordered the spaghetti with Taraba crab meat and chili which was quite nice!
Trooper ordered the venison burger with beet jam with homefries. It sounds interesting and it tasted pretty good!
The cheese plate had three types of cheese: cheddar, goat & white accompanied by a variety of breads and crackers.
The favorite was the lemon cheesecake, but the healthy organic berry & apple crumble was a nice touch to the end of a nice meal. Gochisou samadeshita.
The J Sekka had other dining outlets, too so maybe we'll try it next time.
Tiny Nuts & Yoda joined us on the slopes this morning. Here, they're showing off their expensive rental equipment. JPY3000 for two days of rental with insurance and they come in pink and purple. What a deal!
Tiny Nuts & Yoda worked with us in both PIC Phuket & Saipan and we've had several reunions with them in Japan and Saipan!
We skied to Annupuri after combating 40kph winds, zero visibility at the top and lots of fluffy powder. When we got to the mid hill range, visibility improved. By the time we wanted to take the Magic Carpet to Niseko Village, it had closed due to high winds so we took a full bus from Annupuri to Niseko Village and rode the gondola to ski from there back to Hirafu.
The gondola is nice as we can stay relatively warm and remain out of the wind and cold.
We picked up the kids late (THANK YOU, TROOPER!) and took everyone to lunch at Abucha. Polar Bear and Sleeping Beauty loved their oreo hot cocoas!
My teriyaki chicken sandwich on organic wheat bread was just what I wanted.
Trooper wanted an icicle from the roof so GQ picked one for her.
Here she is.... the amazing babysitter and snowboarder! Did I mention that she boarded from the top of the Ace Quad yesterday?
Tonight, we dined at our favorite all time restaurant in Niseko called Kame - the Secret Restaurant. It definitely met our high expectations. Tiny Nuts & Yoda inspecting the smooth Spanish merlot.
Herminator & Hot Toddy
Dancing Queen & GQ
Kame is one of those gourmet restaurants where we eat the 5 course menu selected by the chef. The first was a trio of appetizers comprised of marinated octopus, yellowtail with salsa and conch in puff cream pastry.
The second course was a delectable maguro and avocado tartare with wasabi cream sauce.
Gardner joined the PHL today. He was a PIC Saipan Clubmate in 1995-96 and now owns Outdoor Japan.
The main course was a choice between fresh red snapper with scallops/shrimp....
or a beef fillet, perfectly cooked with spinach in a delicate wine sauce.
We then tried the Sienna Romanian merlot. Who knew there were good wineries in Romania? When I think of Romania, I think of Olympic gymnast Nadia Komanecci. The fourth course was the pepperocino and garlic spaghetti which was so flavorful and spicy!
And the final course was caramel tart with a double chocolate cake.
with soothing mint tea.
The last time we had a nice meal like this was in Italy. Thank you again, Kame, for such a gourmet dining experience to make our vacation even more memorable.
If the winds pick up and close the top lifts tomorrow, we may take Trooper, Polar Bear & Sleeping Beauty with us to lunch here. Kame is just THAT GOOD!

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