Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1, 2010

Never have we seen this much snow in all the years we've come to Niseko. The snowstorm closed most of the top lifts in Hirafu and Hanazono so we (Greenpants, GQ, Hawkeye & Dancing Queen) ventured over to Niseko Village via the shuttle bus. We skied the "Mori no Chair" lift which was unspoiled.

On my first Namara run, I didn't see one other person. The wind was blowing so hard and the snow swept up to my face that I got temporarily disoriented. It felt like vertigo. I didn't know if I was skiing downhill or uphill. Somehow, I made it to the bottom and by the second run, the run cleared so that I could distinguish up from down.
Herminator, Hot Toddy, Polar Bear, Sleeping Beauty, Freebird, Chrome Dome & Circus met us for lunch at the Ezo pub and unfortunately, the Mori no Chair lift had just closed due to higher winds. We took the shuttle back to Hirafu and I skied the Ace Quad down. Hawkeye and GQ skied more runs that evening. When we returned to the Powder Hound, Trixie had made two adorable snowmen! Later, when I grabbed my camera, one of the snowmen had been decapitated!
The snow never stopped and continues this morning. The Powder Hound's perimeters were piling high with meters of fresh snow! The snow clearer's job never ceases.
We walked to the Hirafu-tei onsen to clean up and on our way down back to the house, Hot Toddy, Polar Bear, Freebird and GQ slipped on the ice.
Hot Toddy's cute Aussie Ugg boots were drenched so Herminator gave her a nice piggy back ride out of the hotel parking lot.
Dinner was late - about 9pm so Sleeping Beauty slept through her dinner....again. In fact, she's missed all the meals since arriving on Wed night.
Trooper had a nice chicken katsu don for dinner....
I tried the Hokkaido ginghis khan ramen (lamb), which was delicious!
Polar Bear had his own big bowl of shoyu ramen.
Hot Toddy had the pirukara (spicy) ramen. Why can't Saipan have just one good ramen restaurant? Wouldn't that be great?
In Niseko, food is as much of a past time and everything is wonderful!!

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