Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2nd & 3rd - so much snow!

We awoke yesterday morning to a pile of snow just outside our living room window. Approximately 80cm had fallen over the night and our entrance was blocked by 4 feet of it.
While the weather forecast called for high winds and upper lifts being shut down, the SWAT members played several games of hearts and entertained themselves with youtube videos.
Major Pain's new snowboard pants had a tear in the so he decided to repair them himself.
Only the lower lifts were open but it was prime time for GQ to offer snowboard lessons to Trooper and Trixie.
Molasses traded his snowboard with Trixie and skied for a bit on her trick skis!
Trooper was starting to get the hang of it with GQ instructing her to point to where she wanted to go.
After a few runs on the bunny hill, the gang went inside to the Hotel Alpen for the best hot cocoa ever! What presentation!
It was a nice way to get out of the cold and warm up inside.
Molasses tried on Trixie's new pink helmet. Doesn't he look cute?
Back at the Powder Hound Lodge, a massive snow war had erupted. The kids against the adults. Polar Bear was having the time of his life!
GQ was having fun as well. And... it continued to snow buckets!
For dinner, Herminator, Hot Toddy, GQ and I went to Raku for a casual izakaya meal. Fresh tofu ad grilled snow crab legs were on the menu!
We later took a stroll around the village and took a photo in front of the 12 foot high pile of fresh new snow. Unbelievable!
This was an interesting find... a car that was barely recognizable as it was mostly covered in snow.
We walked further into Middle Hirafu and just happened to run into a brand new Asian fusion restaurant called The Barn. They had seats and sushi counter downstairs and a bar upstairs. We ordered drinks and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and pretzels!
All of the food in Niseko is great. It's hard to eat a bad meal here as the ingredients are so fresh and there's a large variety of restaurants to choose from.
The Barn looks like a barn, but with an atrium window.
After The Barn, we strolled up the street to the Ice Bar, which is a unique experience for anyone who visits the area.
Hot Toddy and Herminator enjoying their ice seats.
A look through to the bartenders.
This morning was full of sunshine and blue sky. It was sad to say goodbye to the Johnson's, Lamar's and Molasses as they would have loved to ski on a clear day like today.
The temperature at the top of Ace Hill read -4 degrees Celsius. Not too cold at all.
We skied amazing runs over on the Hanazono side in the morning and then ate crab ramen at the 308. The table next to ours had the beer tower... only $60.
The best view was Mt. Yotei from the top of the Swinging Monkey. I hadn't had a chance to see Yotei san since we arrived.
Major Pain, Hot Toddy, GQ and Herminator posing for a nice photo.
Hot Toddy is a good skier and she's fast down the hills! It's hard to keep up!
Trooper, Sleeping Beauty and Polar Bear met us over at Hanazono for lunch and afterwards, GQ gave Trooper more lessons, including instructions on how to tie the snowboard boot.
The Silver Dream run in Hanazono is 5 times as long as the bunny hill in Hirafu so Trooper kept to her name and agreed to board down this hill twice today. She did awesome on her second run.
Dancing Queen and Trooper
The group ate over at the Abucha 2 just across the street and had tons of food, including the YoseNabe (hot pot) with beef, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, glass noodles in a soy/ginger soup.
We also ordered the Abucha's special nabe wit tofu, salmon, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables and later, udon noodles. Yummy! We've been eating so much on this trip, but all the food is so good!
Sleeping Beauty actually stayed awake for her first meal as we ate early. What a fun, delicious meal. When we returned to the PHL, we played a game of liar's dice before retiring to bed.
Polar Bear ordered the cheesecake, which was accompanied by a scoop of ice cream. We admired the plate which was shaped as the island of Hokkaido.
Good night! Oyasuminasai!

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Sean said...

Wow, that snow is unbelievable. We had a snow day today (Friday, Jan. 8)--no school! But it was nothing like that!