Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Miracle for Shelby

Shelby hasn't been herself since Sunday morning when she didn't eat much of her food. Yesterday, when Russ returned from work, he took her outside and she collapsed. At the vet, she couldn't get up and her gums were pale white instead of bright pink. Her blood count was low and she showed signs of anemia. Dr. Tudor gave her a vitamin B2 shot and another injection and instructed us to expect the wost as she was faring poorly. Her breathing was abrupt and her lungs were constricted. He told us that perhaps her cancer had grown back and that it may be her time.
This morning, she was still quite lethargic and ate little. We took her to Dr. Tudor's again and after several tests, he gave her a pain killer and she perked up! If Shelby was able to speak, she may have just told us, "I'm old and my muscles hurt. Give me motrin." Russ picked her up at the clinic and she was more of her old self again. At home. she played frisbee and ate some more food. Dr. Tudor said it was a real miracle! 24 hours ago, we believed that she was dying. Tonight., she is back! Thank you, God! And, thank you to all our friends who prayed for Shelby at bible study last night. Shelby has been our "baby" for the past 11 years and we love her dearly!


Sean said...

I'm so glad she made it.

Todd & Georgia said...

Please give her a big hug for me. I will keep her and you at the top of my prayer list.
Todd & Georgia